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Building on the foundation of excellence, Real Homes Magazine delivers a superior, consistent, high quality print publication focused on the art of promoting real estate in the local communities of Corona, Norco and Eastvale.  Real Homes Magazine will be a prominent resource for both buyers and sellers in our areas.

Our tabloid publications provide a premium branding vehicle for advertisers reaching affluent demographics of property owners through our marketing access. From inception, we will excel in creating platforms that provide essential and unique marketing services with an artistic profile, lending our high end brand to your campaign.

The power of advertising in Real Homes Magazine becomes a tangible asset as our print publications will remain in the hands of consumers for an average of four to six weeks. Your company’s tailored message and advertisement will become a consistent reminder to your target audience that you have homes for sale that meet their needs, as well as letting potential clients know what sets you apart from the competition.

Real Homes Magazine has taken the lead by offering a traditional print publication with a twist while incorporating cutting edge technologies and distribution, which ensures that each of our advertisers reach their clients and prospect in the most effective manner. To accommodate consumer demand, we will also offer digital issues as a complement to our printed magazine.

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From our knowledgeable salespeople to our talented production staff, Real Homes Magazine understands a company is only as strong as its people.  As founding principles of Real Homes Magazine, we focus on the highest quality of merging sales, production and customer service into a cohesive team that understands the art of branding in all aspects of your business.  Our attention to quality, classic designs and distinction in editorial content makes Real Homes Magazine the leading choice for quality brand positioning that will continue to have significant retention to your targeted audience.


Real Homes Magazine is circulated through exclusive direct drop points to qualified consumers with substantial purchasing power and interest in real estate in our communities.  In addition to our ever growing demand, we will utilize proven research techniques to identify the right customers. This process, in conjunction with contacts provided by professional organizations and our industry affiliates, ensures each edition of Real Homes Magazine is delivered into the hands of buyers and sellers interested in our communities. Additionally Real Homes Magazine is available in high traffic shopping centers, new home developments, real estate offices, major banks, local restaurants, coffee shops and distributed at community events.  Furthermore, distribution locations are subject to change to ensure we are getting maximum exposure for your advertisement.


From Lemons to Luxury 

The California City of Corona is located in western Riverside County. Located only 30 minutes away from Beach Cities, Corona’s location alone is a huge reason residents fall in love. Its heritage spans more than a century, and has an ethnically diverse community, where a large percentage of the population is made up of young, well-educated families. Corona encompasses many stunning amenities that provide a first-rate quality of life for its residents. With more than 390 acres of parks that include sports fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, tennis courts, two skate parks and an outdoor pool, raising a family here is ideal. Outstanding Public Safety efforts by the Corona Police Department and Corona Fire Department result in low crime rates, efficient emergency services, quick response times, and a first class paramedic program. Corona is safe, clean, and family oriented with many schools, parks, entertainment and artistic landscaping and architecture. The community support, teacher to student ratio, commitment to students, and teachers’ engagement in the classroom are what give Corona recognition for an outstanding educational system. It’s no wonder many people choose to live in this great upcoming city.

Median Age  32.2
Average Household Income  $96,561
Average Household Net Worth  $698,423
Average Home Value  $439,838
Population  157,847
Family Households  37,295
Average Family Size  4


Horsetown U.S.A.

Ideally positioned as an unforgettable destination in Southern California. This authentically Western town is located in the midst of America’s second largest metropolitan area.  It is conveniently located on the I-15 Freeway which gives residents easy access to travel. This low density equestrian community is immersed with rugged hills, clean city streets, western style businesses, rustic homes with half acre lots, and the experience of city living in a rural atmosphere. Norco is home to the Silverlakes Equestrian & Sports Park, the acclaimed Hidden Valley Golf Club, the world-class arenas at George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center, 140 miles of horse trails, and a Western-style shopping district that make Horsetown U.S.A. a unique destination. Norco is a little slice of the Midwest in the heart of Southern California with a small town feel that celebrates rich history and a simpler kind of living. It’s no wonder it earned the nickname, “acres of neighbors” as a warm spirited community embraces small town values, a tradition of volunteerism, low crime rates, and community bonding. Norco also has more recreational space per capita than any city in the Golden State. Norco’s close knit community, friendly neighbors, authentic western ambiance, and animal friendly homes are just a few reasons why living here is like living your dream vacation every day.

Median Age 39.6
Average Household Income $110,309
Average Household Net Worth $674,766
Average Home Value $521,154
Population 27,266
Family Households 5,661
Average Family Size  4


From Dairy Enclave to Thriving City

The prosperous city of Eastvale was incorporated in 2010 and is among the fastest-growing places in Southern California. What was once known as “Dairy Valley” is now home to many families that left congested and high-cost coastal Southern California. Eastvale is recognized as having one of the most acclaimed school districts in the nation, and a very tight knit community whose leading goal is to raise families in a safe and fun environment. A great community organization in this thriving city is called EGG, Eastvale Garden Group, with rapid growing members every day. Their motto is “growing a community…one garden at a time.” The spacious homes, gorgeous landscaping, recreational parks, excellent schools, low crime rates, cultural diversity, and deep sense of community are what draws many residents to settle down here. The eyes of its suburban future are bright and will continue to grow.

Median Age 30.9
Average Household Income $87,161
Average Household Net Worth $632,591
Average Home Value $486,362
Population 67,532
Family Households 15,071
Average Family Size  4

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