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How to Get Top Dollar for Your Home!

Selling your home is probably one of the most important decisions of your life.  Use these tips to help you better understand the home selling process and capitalize on your most important investment.

Hire a professional Realtor 

Do your homework and find an experienced Realtor that knows YOUR area and its current market.  There are so many great REALTORS, find one that fits you and is an expert in your area.

Appraisal or Home Inspections

It is not a bad idea to get an appraisal and home inspection completed before you list your home.  It will help you understand the current value of your home and allow you to work on any repairs needed ahead of time to stay on track for closing.

Price it Right 

Be realistic.  Know the comparable home sales in your area and determine where your home falls into that range.  You can also list your home lower than the current market value in hopes to create a bidding war for your potential buyers drawing your offer price higher.

Encourage Constructive Criticism 

As a seller it is important to encourage constructive criticism from your Realtor to help sell your home faster.

Market it Right

Technology rules the world right now!  Be sure your agent is marketing and advertising your listing online.   In this digital age, buyers are researching homes themselves on websites, apps and taking virtual tours before they even reach out to a real estate agent.

Offer Incentives to Selling Agents 

Offer bonuses or incentives to selling agents so they want to show your home.  This will motivate the selling agents and push them to sell your home to their clients.

Make it Their Home

Depersonalize your home.  Take down all family photos and any personal items.  Organize and declutter it, as buyers want to see space.  Keep your home simple, clean and open.  Remember, you cannot take away a first impression so make it count!

Show Ready

Keep your home show ready.  This is a difficult thing to do, especially when you have young children, but it is worth it.  Keep your home clean and always be ready for the next potential buyer.

Be Willing to Make Adjustments Fast

If you see your home has been on the market and it is not selling or showing, be ready and willing to make adjustments to your purchase price or make those repairs that you were putting off.  If you have people looking but you are not receiving offers, they are not seeing something they like.  It could be the listing price or something wrong with the home.  Ask the buyers their opinions so you know what you need to adjust or repair.

Disclose Everything and Avoid a Lawsuit

Disclose, disclose, disclose.  As a seller you should avoid the potential of a lawsuit and disclose, in writing, all defects of the residence whether large or small.  This avoids any legal grounds for the buyer to sue.

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